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What is territorial marketing?

What is territorial marketing?

A lot of people listen to me talk or arrive at HOD's website and social networks without having much idea of ​​what this territorial marketing is. So I thought a good way to start the HOD Blog is to address this concept and its applications.

To understand the concept we have to start by differentiating marketing applied to companies from territorial marketing. You might be surprised, but I see a lot of companies out there offering territorial marketing solutions based on business models as if the place were a product to be sold. I panic when I see this.

Marketing applied to companies refers to business management based on knowledge of market environments, with the definition of objectives aimed at new businesses, based on the elaboration of market strategies that will guide the application of the marketing mix (the famous Ps).

Marketing applied to companies studies the market, the macro environment, the internal environment and the microenvironment to define objectives aimed at sales and increased market share (market share), achieved through strategies related to the creation of new products, distribution logistics , finance and price formation, human resources, processes, palpability and communication (such Ps: product, place, price, people, process, physical evidence and promotion).

Territorial marketing, according to the American Marketing Association, has the function of influencing people to have a favorable behavior in relation to the products and services associated with a specific place. For Philipe Kloter, territorial marketing is aimed at promoting the place in order to differentiate it from other countries, states and cities and, thus, attract more investments, residents, tourists and value local products. And for Ashworth and Voogd, territorial marketing has its objectives related to economic and social development and the vision of agents to care for and develop the natural and potential attributes of the territory.

I understand that territorial marketing has all these functions (and some others), but in order to actually positively transform the places for the people who live or visit there, it needs to start with in-depth research that identifies the economic vocations, the historical and cultural characteristics, the political environment, the singularities of the region, its ambience and potentialities. These studies will allow for the elaboration of in-depth diagnoses and will bring elements for mapping and harmonizing the identity of the place and a positioning that reinforces its differentials.

For the place, territorial marketing unfolds in management strategies that will stimulate local development, infrastructure and competitiveness, attracting investors, tourists and skilled labor.

For local businesses, territorial marketing unfolds into guidelines that help in the positioning of local products and services that will stand out due to the unique characteristics of their place of origin, enhancing their visibility.

It seems like something only for big cities, but it's not. We can apply territorial marketing in places with any geographic dimension. Every place has its own characteristics and unique aspects in its history, culture, attractions and economic vocations that differentiate it from other places. You have to know how to look for them and talk about them.

Territorial marketing strategies will activate local businesses by incorporating the identity of the place and helping to differentiate local products and services from those of other regions. Being associated with the identity of the place is a competitive advantage both for isolated businesses and for associated companies, inserted in a cluster or in a production chain.

Now that you know more about territorial marketing, tell me what you think?

Do you agree that there is a job market in this area?



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