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Welcome to the HOD blog

Here you will find a different and tuned look at territorial marketing, place brands and communication.

Today we launch the HOD Blog, a space where we will bring the latest on territorial marketing and place brands with a perspective very close to the reality of places and people's daily lives. This is a space where we want to talk and listen, because we believe that dialogue is the best way for people to understand each other and achieve happiness.

HOD has that footprint. Because what guides us is to believe that we can transform places by awakening what is unique in their identity and what is vocational in local products. Thus, we positively transform the lives of people who invest, visit or live there.

I'm Patrícia Cerqueira Reis and I've been working with cities and regions since 2018 when I finished my PhD at USP. My thesis developed a methodology for building and managing placemarks. This methodology is published in the book A Marca da Cidade. If you want to know better, I leave the link to the publisher's website in the image.

I'm also a professor and researcher at university in Brazil where I teach the City Brand discipline and do studies on the area. I intend to bring here to this space a little of what we discussed in the meetings there.

The blog is included on the website of HOD Marketing Territorial, a company of which I am a partner and which, since 2012, has been working with projects aimed at improving people's quality of life, developing local economies and valuing the culture and history of places. Let's take advantage of this space and share what we've been doing out there.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy the content I'm going to bring.

HOD Blog posts will also be on Linked-in.

So enjoy and follow me there



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