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What we do

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Territorial Marketing

We prepare situational diagnoses and guidelines to support the formulation of public policies and strategic plans that make the place more attractive to tourists, investors and qualified workers.

Our work is based on qualitative and quantitative research, in-depth studies in ethnography and anthropology and understanding of the social, cultural, historical and economic relations of the place.

We mapped the economic vocations, the historical, cultural and political characteristics, the singularities of the place, its capacity of connections and the existing potentialities in the territory.

We conceptually harmonize the elements of the identity of the place in a strategic positioning proposal that consolidates the region as a pole of attractiveness, investment and development.

Territorial Marketing for local products

We develop positioning strategies for products and services in the region with differentials related to identity, singularities and characteristics of the place, giving competitive advantages to local businesses.

Our work is based on market studies that map the characteristics of the products, the place and the groups of producers.


We carry outlinks to identify products that can be categorized as Geographical Indication - GI.

Place Brand Concept


We mapped and harmonized the identity elements of the place, seeking a balance between the physical evidence (productive, historical-cultural and political dimensions) e  and the evidence  Symbolic (intangible attributes, connections and potentialities) of the brand. 

Our work is based on a survey of local evidence, quantitative and qualitative ethnographic research and interviews with strategic audiences.

We conceptualize the positioning of the brand of the place based on its differentials, vocations, the singularities of the place and the territorial marketing strategies.

Place Brand Design


Translation of the brand concept into a logo design which represents its "spirit".  Becoming an element of identification and recognition of the set of existing offers in the place.

m brand designmaterializes the place and gives unity and cohesion to communication strategies.

Place Brand Communication


Elaboration of the communication plan for the brand of the place considering the different types of communication and the set of audiences: residents, tourists, investors, institutions and government.

Our brand-place communication strategic plan considers that the communication of a place has specific characteristics that require different strategies from those used for companies and products. 

We deliver tactical operational communication solutions for various media and communication channels, with emphasis on digital marketing.

Brand Measurement and Monitoring


Elaboration of a portal that presents performance indicators, monitoring and perception of the brand and management of the place in graphs, facilitating the adjustment of local public policies.

We monitor the performance of territorial marketing and place branding strategies, assessing the perception of brand identity elements to provide information that improves place management.

DWe have developed an application for image monitoring, data consolidation and historical series for memory and management. Mechanism for comparing the image of the place over time.

We offer guidelines for the management and formulation of effective public policies, in the face of any changes or crises.

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